Accounting FOR Desirable Futures LLC (AFORDABLE Futures) is an environmental consulting business promoting sustainable economic practices and comprehensive analytical tools for valuation of ecosystem services.  As our name implies, our mission is to assist clients with decision making and trade-offs in ecological/environmental costs.  We strive to provide solutions to the following challenges faced by resource managers and decision-makers:

  • What are the costs we're willing to pay for trade-offs affecting the provision of ecosystem services?

  • How to best manage scarcity among ecosystem services?

  • What is the best way to mitigate environmental impacts while maximizing economic value

We work with clients to develop valuation studies and stakeholder dialogues for the management of natural capital and ecosystem services.   Depending upon the needs of our clients, we use a "tiered" set of tools ranging from rapid valuation spreadsheets to spatial dynamic computer models. These tools evaluate ecological processes and human activities across a landscape - permitting stakeholders to engage in more precise dialogues on the trade-offs. 

We not only provide professional ecosystem analyses but also training for improved decision-making affecting local economies and environments. By working within the frameworks of ecological economics, our work builds upon classical economic approaches to present a more complete picture of the value of goods and services within an environmental boundary.

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