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MIMES is a rapidly developing technology that represents a break out stage in ecosystem service modeling. As such an ambitious endeavor it represents the evolution to the highest order of modeling for Coupled Human and Natural Systems.(CHANS). 400 years of reductionist science have provided powerful insights into how our earth,our societies and our markets work. MIMES helps us create an understanding of how our earth, our societies and our markets must work together. The hope is that humans will be able to anticipate the changes coming upon us and to adapt and even direct change.To help put MIMES in an historical context, both technologically and sociologically,we use the well known and mature technology of photography as a metaphor. For more technical concerns such as software format, managing uncertainty, model structure and data acquisition we refer you to a comprehensive article published in the journal Ecosystem Services in January of 2015 and the dated technical aspects link below. 

The most complete summary of MIMES work and vision is presented in the article The Multiscale Integrated Model of Ecosystem Services (MIMES): Simulating the interactions of coupled human and natural systems.

ValuES is an ecosystem valuation data base that not only compares different ecosystem service valuation tools but outlines a very useful selection process. We highly recommend a visit to this website for two reasons 1) The self survey and assessment of needs outlined at ValuES closely parallels the scoping phase of MIMES model design 2) The comparison with other modeling and valuation tools will help you appreciate the extensive range of MIMES features and capabilities.

Training is an integral part of all MIMES projects. The goal is to empower the client to operate this powerful tool as an ongoing aide in decision making for decades. For large organizations or decision making communities it is expected that we will develop in the staff the capacity to update, refine and query the model for emerging scenarios. In other cases training will allow cost effective coordination with Afordable Futures. Training is modular and the module most empowering for all clients is the scenario development module. This is the "What If" capacity of MIMES to project outcomes from different policy and practice selections. Here is the heart of the MIMES decision support function. MIMES couples thought experiments about the future to social and biophysical realities so that you can make discoveries and avoid mistakes in cyber space that we can not afford to make on our unique Earth. Hence the name Afordable Futures and the process of Accounting for Desirable Futures as the core of MIMES.

The modular frame work for training is presented in a MIMES_intro folder. Full access to a MIMES_intro folder is granted to contracted clients and enrolled students in workshops both on-line or face-to-face. A concise description of the folder and its contents is available in the document HOW TO USE THE MIMES_INTRO FOLDER.
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