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Ecosystem Service Valuation (ESV)

The Ecosystem Service Valuation (ESV) is an expanded tool developed by Earth Economics which is based on the Rapid Assessment Valuation (RAV) designed by Dr. Roel Boumans.  The ESV tool is an Excel-based tool for estimating the value of ecosystem service of a landscape.  ESV offers a standardized method to utilize the results of existing valuation studies in estimating the value of ecosystem services for a specific study area using the benefit transfer method.  ESV data requirements are: land use distributions and ecosystem health estimates by land-use classification. Land-use distributions can be sampled from GIS databases, while health estimates require the assistance of local experts (e.g focus group discussions, stakeholder meetings, field studies, etc). 

In ESV's there are opportunities to update existing ecosystem service values using local specific value estimates.  Data required to update the default values are: Area specific Land-use performance estimates (abilities to provide services) and localized estimates on the unit value for each of the Ecosystem services.

For more information on performing ESV analysis, please email us at info@afordablefutures.com.