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AFORDable Futures routinely engages in workshops, seminars, and on-line training to promote the use of MIMES tools and increase user familiarity with ecosystem services analyses.  Working with your input and specific interests, we are able to build a learning environment into the model building process.
For more information, please email us at info@afordablefutures.com. 

The MIMES tools was recently demonstrated on the EBM (Ecosystem Based Management) Tools webinar series (March 15, 2011).  A description of the demonstration is included below, and a recording of webinar (.wmv format file) can be downloaded on the EBM website.

ration of Multi-scale Integrated Models of Ecosystem Services (MIMES) by Roel Boumans and David McNally of AFORDable Futures LLC (March 15, 2011).  The Multi-scale Integrated Models of Ecosystem Services (MIMES) is a suite of models for land use change and marine spatial planning decision making.  The models quantify the effects of land and sea use change on ecosystem services and can be run at global, regional, and local levels.  The MIMES use input data from GIS sources, time series, etc. to simulate ecosystem components at under different scenarios defined by stakeholder input.  These simulations can help stakeholders evaluate how development, management and land/sea use decisions will affect natural, human and built capital.  Building interactive databases for regional, integrated decision making is an important aspect of implementing MIMES.  MIMES has been developed in collaboration with a large international group of scientists and resources managers.  This on-going work is archived at a Google Code site.