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Model Collaboration


AFORDable Futures uses models run on the software SIMILE.  Simulistics is the company who has developed SIMILE and their website contains links on how to use this software for various systems thinkings/modeling applications.

Google Code Site

Versions of the MIMES as well as MIMES submodels are archived and developed under a MIMES Google Code Site. Collaborators use the Google Code Site through Subversion (svn) and once permissions are set they can modify or develop models for their specific situations.  This collaborative effort has three major objectives:
  • Develop a suite of dynamic ecological economic computer models specifically aimed at integrating our understanding of ecosystem functioning,
    ecosystem services, and human well-being across a range of spatial scales.
  • Development and application of new valuation techniques adapted to the public goods nature of most ecosystem services and integrated with the modeling work.
  • Delivery of the integrated models and their results to a broad range of potential users.